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How Weather Affects Texas Homeowners Insurance

According to statistics from the Texas Housing Authority, people who live in Texas with homeowners insurance are 8-10 times less likely to go through a bankruptcy that concerns real estate. This statistic is regardless of age, race or gender. However, it is more difficult to determine the exact reason that homeowners insurance in Texas protects people at such a high rate. Although there may be an argument for unexpected tragedies causing an out-of-pocket expense that becomes untenable, there are many reasons to look at the Texas weather as a cause of many of these unfortunate cases.

More Important Facts About Homeowners Insurance in Texas

Contrary to what many people may believe or know, the great state of Texas is actually one of many different weather patterns. Depending on the type of real estate that you are purchasing in the area, you may be more susceptible to these weather patterns than you know.Although there is some semblance of a pattern in the weather that Texas hosts, the outliers in those patterns tend to come big. The wind and rain that hits Texas hits it hard. When the weather changes between seasons, it does quite a number on wood frames and even certain kinds of metals as well. It is definitely in your best interests to have a policy that covers all of the little problems that can turn into big problems if you are not careful.

The Changing Weather Patterns between Seasons in the State of Texas

It does not take a huge change that is unexpected for your house to be in need of an insurance policy. The changes in the weather between summer and fall and winter and spring are harsh enough that certain materials within your home will definitely feel the pain. Wood will definitely warp, and if wood is a substantial part of the infrastructure of your home frame, then you may undergo changes in the frame of your home that you cannot determine until much later. Even if you do have a routine maintenance done on the home, sometimes the problems are just not big enough at a certain time to create a red flag. This is when you will need an insurance plan that covers your home repairs.

Homeowners Insurance on Acts of God in Texas

When the weather hits in Texas, it definitely hits hard. The really heavy weather is usually unexpected, and it always has a very big impact. These are the situations that you must have covered by home insurance. Think of the same insurance plan covering your health that would not include debilitating disease or long-term care in the hospital – this is the kind of hole that you are leaving in your home protection if you do not have a home insurance plan that covers weather changes in the Texas area. This is especially important if you are trying to maintain a commercial property with others paying rent. Not only are you protecting your building, but you are also protecting yourself against any legal action that your tenants may take.

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