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Comparing Homeowners Insurance

When you shop for a home insurance policy, it is likely you’ll keep that policy for the long haul. Most homeowners who purchase insurance don’t shop for better rates again until they are getting ready to buy another property. In addition, the state of Texas can have higher insurance rates than other states. This means it is important to get yourself the best rate the first time around, so you’ll need to be smart about comparing quotes.

New Policies

If you’re shopping for a new policy on a home you’re purchasing, a Texas homeowners insurance comparison will be useful. However, you cannot always expect an insurance company’s first answer to be the best they can offer, and you should also be careful to compare more than just the rate they quote you. The following tips can help you weigh quotes from multiple companies.

Speak to Several Agents

Speaking to an insurance agent over the phone is quick and helpful. It only takes a few minutes to give agents the basic information they need to give you a starting quote. Ask them to email you the quote that they give you over the phone, so you have it in writing from the agent, which will make it easier when you start the process of comparing. Make sure you don’t settle for the first quote that seems like a good deal.

Expect Changes

An initial insurance quote is not set in stone. A lot of factors can affect the rates you’re given in a Texas homeowners insurance comparison. This is because a company will ask for basic information from you to give you an initial quote, and it will ask for additional information once you’re ready to commit. Try to get a quote that has as much of your personal and house-specific information built into it as possible, so you can make the most informed decision.

Compare Value

It’s often tempting when shopping for insurance to look only at the cost, but this is the wrong mindset. Homeowners should purchase insurance based on the policy’s value. A good policy will be affordable but still have the coverage you need.

Oftentimes, you can raise coverage limits but still keep your rates low if you play around with the deductible or make adjustments to other parts of the policy. Things like improving your credit, installing an alarm system or getting coverage for your automobile and qualifying for a bundling discount can all lower your quote. Be leery of any company that gives you a substantially lower quote than other companies; there may be an issue with the policy’s value in some key area.

Switching Policies

A Texas homeowners insurance comparison is not just for new home purchasers. Chances are high that if you shop around when your policy comes up for renewal, you can find a better rate. Even though the automatic renewal that most homeowners have built into their mortgages makes it easy to assume you’re still getting a good deal, this isn’t always the case.

Comparison Shop

Consumers who compare rates every year often find that they can save money if they switch policies. One great way to compare different companies and their policies is to use our comparison tool. This online tool can help get you the information you need to make a wise financial decision.

Whether you’re buying a new policy on your newly-purchased home or looking around for the the best deal, remember to assess each policy for value rather than cost and to get as much information from the company as you can before you make a commitment. Putting in a little extra work can definitely pay off!

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