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Different Things that Can Impact your Homeowners Insurance

For most people who own their own house, homeowners insurance is one of the most vital things to get for yourself and your family. With homeowners insurance, different things can be covered for your own benefit down the road. For instance, a homeowners insurance policy that covers flood damages will help to get these damages paid for and repaired without you having to put too much into it out of your own pocket. As with any and all other insurance plans, homeowners insurance policies and rates can vary from one house to another. For those living in the great state of Texas, there are quite a number of factors that can contribute to the amount of coverage you can get as well as how much you will pay for your policy.

The Different Factors Affecting your Insurance

There are a wide range of factors that can easily affect your Texas homeowners insurance. Understanding these factors may help you to realize why your rate might be higher than another homeowner’s and why your coverage may be lacking.

The Age of the Home

Older homes have a tendency to cost more when it comes to their homeowners insurance. The reason for this is due to old designs and poorer quality in workmanship. When your older home was built, there may not have been very many building codes put into place for houses. Because of this, your home may not be seen as sturdy as a house that was freshly built in your area. There are many older homes around Texas, so it’s pretty common to own a very old house.

Heating and Air Conditioning Appliances

Even though many people in Texas do not necessarily need to use heat much of the year, certain homes have fireplaces or wood burning stoves put into place. These appliances as well as older AC systems can put more into your homeowners insurance because of the fact that they are seen as a liability. Gas-powered machines and appliances within your house may also negatively affect your homeowners insurance rate.


Believe it or not, some homeowners insurance companies will actually put more money into your rate if you have a large dog or a dog that is of a commonly aggressive breed. This is simply because the company sees the dog as a liability if it gets loose and causes trouble on the property.

Your Specific Area

Texas is well known for its droughts and wildfires, and this is why homes in this gorgeous state often have higher homeowners insurance rates. Your specific location will determine the type of issues you might deal with on a more regular basis. People living near the water in Texas may have higher homeowners insurance rates because of floods while others may be more inclined to deal with wildfires that jack up their homeowners insurance policy rates.

Pools and Trampolines

Your gorgeous swimming pool that you just cannot live without can also affect the amount that you pay for your homeowners insurance rate. Many insurance companies see swimming pools as a liability because of the fact that someone can get seriously injured using the pool itself. The same theory applies to homes that have trampolines and small children who may be using the trampoline on a routine basis.

Your Credit Score and Claim History

Just like other loans and insurances out there, your claim history and credit score may be taken into account when applying for homeowners insurance. If you have a history of constantly making claims for different things within your home, this may eventually negatively affect your insurance rates. Some companies will even take your credit score into account since this gives them an idea as to how financially sound you are and how easily it will be for you to keep up with your homeowners insurance.

When it comes to finding the absolute best insurance policy, it’s all about knowing what coverage is available and what types of costs are associated with this coverage. Many companies will enable you and even encourage you to tie in your homeowners insurance into your mortgage payments so that it is one flat fee for you to pay each month. Other people who do not have a mortgage on their own because it has been paid off can easily apply for homeowners insurance and get the policy that they need to just pay it when it’s due. Having a great quality homeowners insurance is one of the best ways to prevent you from having to pay for all of the damages if something happens on your property or inside of your home. For those living in Texas, it’s vital for you to get a great coverage plan that will give you peace of mind.

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