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Average Cost of Homeowners Insurance in Houston (2018)

Top Ten Cheapest Homeowners Insurance Rates in Houston

In this case study, we collected homeowner insurance rates from all zip codes in Houston and created an average rate. The data is Current for November 2016 and is for a person seeking $350,000 of coverage,  claim free for 5 years, average credit rating, type of construction is brick veneer, age of residence 10 to 34 years old.

ASI Lloyds

ASI homeowners policies provide coverage for most risks, such as theft, lightning, fire, and so forth, as well as for contents and loss of use. Replacement-value coverage is standard as is coverage for medical payments and personal liability. Additional options are available for items such as art and jewelry, and personal injury.

Allstate Vehicle and Property Insurance Company

Allstate offers affordable coverage for both traditional houses and mobile homes, including flood insurance, personal umbrella policies, and more. The standard homeowners policy covers most risks, such as fire, theft, vandalism, lightning strikes, replacement cost coverage, and so forth. Flood insurance is available as are several innovative riders.

Allstate’s multi-policy discount offers a discount when combined with other add-ons, such as the claim-free discount, claim rate guard, easy pay plan, 55 and retired discount, and many more.

National Specialty Insurance Company

National Specialty Insurance Company is one of three insurance companies that operate through State National in Bedford, Texas. The company doesn’t have a website although it is referenced on other websites.

They primarily serve the Dallas-Fort Worth area and have only a telephone number listed for customer service. They are listed as providers of homeowners insurance, as well as several other types, but additional information is available only by calling the listed phone number of 1-800-877-4567.

Texas Farmers Insurance Company

Farmer’s Insurance in Texas offers flexible homeowners insurance policies to meet almost any budget. Standard coverages include personal property, replacement cost without depreciation, medical payments for guests who are injured, and additional expenses. Additional living expenses can extend as long as two years if the house becomes uninhabitable.

One policy can cover all structures on the property and includes acts of nature such as wind and fire. Vandalism is also included but there are exclusions. Policyholders can have coverage for structures worldwide, it’s not limited to Texas or the U.S. Optional coverages can include identity shield, and scheduled and unscheduled coverage for valuables such as art and jewelry.

American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida

American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida operates in Florida under the name of Assurant, has been in business since 1947, and provides mobile home insurance. Policies available include damage from earthquake, flood, hurricane, and tornado, and include theft, vandalism, lightning, hail, and so forth.

Replacement cost coverage without depreciation is available in most states and includes the dwelling as well as the contents. Adjacent structure coverage is available as is personal liability protection.

American Mercury Lloyds Insurance Company

American Mercury Insurance offers a comprehensive homeowners insurance policy that is customizable for almost anyone. Dwelling protection covers damages caused by fire and smoke, storm and/or lightning, wind, and other acts of nature. Actual replacement cost coverage is available for up to 150 percent of the policy limits. Personal property is covered as are additional living expenses in the event the home is uninhabitable.

Personal liability and guest medical payments are included in the policy as is identity theft. Additional coverage is available for valuables such as art and jewelry.

United Property & Casualty Insurance Company

United Property & Casualty Insurance has a comprehensive package for homeowners, whether they live in a house or a condominium. Standard coverages include the primary structure, loss of use, personal property, and personal liability.

Optional coverages include identity theft protection and restoration, art and jewelry coverage, equipment breakdown, and water damage. Policy limits, coverages, and exclusions vary by geographic area and some coverages may not be available in some markets.

National Surety Corporation

National Surety Corporation is a subsidiary of Firemen’s Fund and was founded in 1954; they operate from Novato, CA. They provide surety bonds and fidelity bonds and are a privately held company.

United Services Automobile Association

USAA offers homeowners insurance to both military and civilians. Structures are covered at replacement value without depreciation and most weather-related events are covered. Vandalism, theft, and fire are covered, and identity theft coverage is available. For active duty service members, replacement cost of uniforms is also included. Claims may be filed on their mobile app and a multi-policy discount is available.

AIG Property Casualty Company

AIG’s comprehensive homeowners insurance provides 200 percent of replacement value on a home that is rebuilt in the same location. Landscaping coverage is available and sewer and drain damage is covered. Extra living expenses, identity theft, and scheduled expenses can be covered.

Coverage for updated technology to prevent a recurrence is available as is condominium upgrade coverage.

USAA General Indemnity Company

USAA General Indemnity Company provides a variety of insurance offerings to USAA members, including homeowners insurance, renters insurance, valuable personal property insurance, and others. homeowners insurance offers coverage against many types of damage caused by nature; flood insurance is available as a separate policy.

Homeowners coverage includes damage from fire, vandalism, storms, theft and vandalism, and so forth. An identity theft add-on is available as is protection for valuables.


CompanyAnnual AmountA.M. Best Rating



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Choosing the Best Homeowners Insurance Texas

Owning a property is a big financial responsibility that you want to protect over time. One of the ways that you do this is through the maintenance of adequate insurance coverage. You don’t want to buy less insurance than you need because that could leave you without enough benefits to make a claim against in the event of a disaster. There are different types of coverage that you could select, and you will want to take this choice seriously. Not every company that you might work with will even give you the level of protection that you want or need. It pays to do a little research on a prospective company before making a purchase of a homeowners insurance Texas policy.

Trust the Good Names in the Business

Some companies are licensed to write policies for homeowners insurance Texas, while others are not. For example, one insurance provider may have a difficulty writing a policy for your particular community or have a record of not making good on consumer claim payouts in recent years. You wouldn’t know this unless you did a little fact checking. Such a company is not the kind you would want to choose just because it offers the lowest premium. By choosing a reputable insurance company with a history of paying out claims to consumers in Texas, you can still find a low rate. You could also check to see what a company’s record of customer service is in your community and in nearby cities. You might start with a referral from someone you know, but you can also talk to a representative of that company yourself and form your own opinion. You don’t want to start a business relationship with a company that will not provide acceptable service.

What You Want to Look for in Homeowners Insurance Texas Policies

  • A good selection of coverages. There are different types of coverage that you can buy for your home. Some damages will be particular to certain types of events, such as covering the building structure in case a fire burns down the home. Ensure that there is enough coverage for the primary dwelling. You might also add some coverage for outbuildings and personal property that is kept inside or outside of the home. Some consumers even choose coverages for medical payments (to an external injured party), as well as loss of use (when you can’t live in the home), and personal liability (in case someone sues you).
  • Extra coverage for the true replacement value of the main house. Let’s say you own a home with a total market value of $150,000, but you only purchased insurance for the structure in the amount of $100,000, you are not going to have enough to replace it if the damage makes it a total loss. A flood or a serious fire could make it impossible to live in. Get enough coverage so that a new structure could be erected in the event of a total loss.
  • A reasonable deductible. Sometimes, homeowners insurance Texas policies include this instrument. The home’s replacement value and other types of coverage might be subjected to a deductible of your choice. Say, for example, the home is a total loss and it’s insured for a total of $125,000. You might have chosen a deductible of $5,000, which must be paid before your insurance company will pay anything on your property damage claim. This deductible should not be so high that you could not afford it.
  • Look for exclusions that would hurt your financial position. Inside of any proposed policy, there is the potential that the insurance company has included exclusions. For example, you could purchase personal liability insurance, but it might have an exclusion against dog bites. If that is the case, if your dog bites someone on your property, or wherever the dog is covered, then you would still be liable for the damages.

It’s important to get a reliable free quote on a homeowners insurance policy in Texas. Bear in mind that your credit record, the number of people in the home, the home’s condition, the home’s location (i.e. in a flood zone), and other aspects of the property will affect what you must pay for property insurance. Another thing is that a recent disaster, such as a hurricane, could have resulted in many claims being paid out in your region of Texas, and the rates might have subsequently risen. That’s really a matter that is regulated by the state. Take the time to look into a company’s reputation. If the company has been extensively investigated by Texas for its handling of claims, then perhaps you would want to choose another company. In the end, only licensed insurance agents can give the professional advice on the best types of insurance for your home. There are policies out there that will fit your family’s finances. Consider getting a quote for sample quotes on this kind of insurance.

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How to Get a Cheap Home Insurance in Texas

Homeowners insurance is a kind of insurance that insures private residences. That sort of cover contains various personal insurance protections such as damages occurring to one the insured’s home, its contents, and loss of other personal amenities of the policyholder. Insuring a home is a significant step in asset ownership. However, the high insurance costs have repelled many prospective subscribers. What more owners do not understand is that policyholders do not have to cover the full expenses of the home insurance. Potential customers are eligible for a host of discounts. Many insurance establishments offer numerous opportunities for clients to reduce their premiums. Getting this cheap home insurance in Texas is not as sophisticated as it seems. It might be as easy as being a reliable client or maintaining a noteworthy credit score. With the required hindsight and knowledge, hopeful policyholders should get the most coverage for the least prices. The following tips should help policyholders get cheap home insurance in Texas.

Feature Add-Ons Come at a Cost

Fun features that add value to life such as swimming pools and hot tubs do significantly increase insurance costs. Some of these features increase the value of the home consequently raising the premiums payable. Moreover, some of these features are considered a vulnerability to safety. Home-owners should contemplate deeply before adding a new fun feature to their homes. Investors seeking to purchase new homes should also review the fun features in the homes. It is critical to be knowledgeable of these home features and their effects on insurance rates

Insure Expensive Valuables Separately

Homeowners should insure valuable and unique assets separately. Expensive jewelry, such as rings, necklaces, and art should be covered differently. These assets can considerably increase the insurance premiums payable for the home to be covered. Seeking insurance quotes from specialty insurers is prudent. Such insurance providers may offer lower rates or provide better protection for such valuable material

Seek Discounts

Discounts offered by insurance companies vary depending on the insurer. Policyholders enjoy discounts for being members of particular organizations; other insurers offer discounts to AAA and AARP members. Prospective subscribers seeking cheap home insurance in Texas should inquire their respective insurance providers to understand what discounts the provider can provide

Pay Early

More insurance providers charge fewer premiums to policyholders who pay the the full bill at once rather than making monthly installments. Some companies help subscribers save up to 10 percent of the premiums by offering discounted rates to the early payers. Additionally, use of auto-pay systems will guarantee that the policy never lapses or that the insured is charged further for late payments

Land Doesn’t Need to be Protected

Most insurers include the value of land while calculating an applicant’s insurance rates. The actual house and the contents therein are more important to cover than the land. Removing the value of the land can significantly reduce the insurance costs for the home. However, applicant’s should inquire more on this technique of reducing premiums payable to understand the associated risks. Consider visiting the quote form up top; they provide invaluable information on insurance cover

Eliminate Old Structures

Old structures are at a bigger risk of collapsing. An old, unused granary in the middle of vacant land increases the land owner’s liability. Premiums will, consequently, rise. Remove all unused old structures from the land before applying for insurance

Consider Insurance while Purchasing Assets

More investors assume the cost of insuring the real property while determining the purchase price. Estate buyers should take into account certain factors that can significantly affect the insurance rates. Homes in an old condition with old features such as wiring are likely to incur higher premiums. Homeowners in disaster-prone areas may find it difficult to get insurance cover. They have to purchase separate flood insurance policy. Hopeful homeowners should consider insurance cover when evaluating its purchase

Be Aware of Pets

Dangerous animals or pets that have the potential to increase risks, repair and other maintenance costs can impact policy rates. Dog owners, in particular, are affected the most when it comes to pets increasing the cost of insurance

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How to Obtain the Best Insurance Rates in Texas

Whether you are interested in procuring health insurance, automobile insurance or protection for your home, you probably do not want to spend a tremendous amount of money. Taking the time to research and to ask questions can help you to procure the  best insurance rates in Texas and to keep more money set aside for emergencies.

Plan in Advance

Urgency is one of the reasons why people often end up spending too much money on insurance. For example, they wait until they fall ill to care about the top health insurance, or they don’t start searching for car insurance until problems with their vehicles manifest. The more time that you give yourself to research, the better chance you have of procuring a price that is right for you. For example, you can review packages on at the quote form before you make the phone call.

Recognize Your Role

When you want the best insurance rates in Texas, you must do your part to keep the prices low. People who have caused multiple car crashes in recent years are unlikely to find the best prices for car insurance. Individuals who wait until they are extremely ill to procure health insurance may struggle as well. The better your situation is, the better rate you are likely to obtain.

Talk to Your Employer

Employers do not provide all types of insurance, but they do have a role. For example, if you are interested in better health insurance or dental insurance, you should speak to your employer to find out what the current plan is. While your request for the best insurance rates in Texas does not necessarily mean that a company-wide change will occur, at least you have suggested to your employer that the current policy might not be the most efficient.

Ask Your Insurance Provider

Insurance companies do not know that the price is too high for you unless you tell them. When you are struggling to pay for your insurance, call the provider to let a representative know. Chances are that the representative can make some suggestions to reduce the cost. You may need to enroll in a defensive driving program or provide proof that your driving record has improved. Whatever the case may be, the representative can offer you with ideas to save money each month.

Inquire about Direct Deposit

You should also find out if the way that you are paying has an adverse effect on your monthly rating. For example, some companies charge you more if you choose to send in a check each month as opposed to if you have the money taken directly out of your account. Signing up for direct debit might save you a significant sum of money each month. Even if this decision saves you only a few dollars, that can add up over the life of your insurance plan.

Know Your Policy

Many people have insurance policies, but they do not necessarily know what they are paying for. Speak with a representative to find out what is included with your policy. By doing so, you may find that you are contributing on a monthly basis to features that you do not even need. Cutting them out of your plan can have a significant role in reducing the amount of money that you pay to the insurance companies every month.

Obtaining the best insurance rates in Texas is important because you need money saved for emergencies and other expenses. Speaking with a representative and knowing your policy are two powerful tools when you want to save.

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The Secrets to Cheap Homeowners Insurance in Texas

If you haven’t yet begun to shop for homeowners insurance in the state of Texas, there is a good chance you’ll go through sticker shock. Yes, Texas is one of the states with the highest rates for homeowners insurance. However, using these tips and a little ingenuity, you certainly could get cheap homeowners insurance in Texas.


Company Name
Annual Sample Rate WITH wind coverage
A.M. Best Rating


12 Ways to Find or Save with Cheap Homeowners Insurance in Texas

Deductibles and Premiums

Consider a deductible of $1,000 or more to save money. Granted, deductibles are paid upfront before insurance kicks in, but higher deductibles translate to cheaper premiums.

Check Out Competing Insurance Companies

Being loyal to an insurance company year after year may give you a loyal customer discount, but you might be losing out on several other perks, better customer service and cheaper rates. To find a reputable insurance carrier:

  • Speak with friends and co-workers about their carriers and ask them if they would recommend their services.
  • Review recommendations at the for insurers in Texas.
  • Use online customer reviews and consumer guides to learn about companies offering poor service or excellent service.
  • Focus on stable carriers that have been in business for years.
  • Check potential carriers against the BBB for ratings and complaints.

Online Price Quotes

Take advantage of websites offering free online quotes for cheap homeowners insurance in Texas. Quotes can give you a general idea of the going rates and what you might expect to pay.


Companies offering cheaper rates really can reduce premiums. However, discounts can also add up quickly and make a substantial impact on what you’ll be paying for coverage.

Remember, online quotes and websites may not list all available discounts. You may need to make some calls to insurance carriers to learn about all available discounts.

Bundling Policies

If you have several policies like home, auto, boat or RV insurance for example, consider bundling all your policies with one carrier to receive a discount. You might save anywhere from 5 to about 15 percent.

Shopping for a New Home

As you view new and old homes for purchase, keep cheap homeowners insurance in Texas in mind. This is the perfect opportunity to look at homes that could save hundreds in insurance if you apply these tips.

  • Avoid homes located in high crime areas, which generally cost more to insure.
  • Consider small starter homes to get started, or down-size to a smaller home with less square footage. Smaller homes always cost less to insure unless they have high risk features like swimming pools, trampolines or hot tubs.
  • Focusing on houses, which are 10 years old or less may save a great deal on insurance costs because electrical, plumbing, cooling and heating systems are still in good shape and don’t pose as much risk as systems in older homes.
  • It may be difficult to get cheap homeowners insurance in Texas if you purchase homes on the coast. They cost more to insure, and you may have to purchase additional policies like flood or hurricane insurance.
  • Homes located near a fire station or fire hydrants usually result in a discount.

Homeowners Insurance Bills

Most insurers provide a small discount for auto payments or paying bills early before the due date. Visit up top for additional information.

Modernizing Older Homes

If you live in an older house and plan to stay in it for several years, you might consider upgrading the plumbing and electrical systems. Older systems increase the risk of flooding or fires. Consequently, you’re charged more for insurance. Replacing an old roof is another option that usually results in lower premiums.

Insuring a Home for the Wrong Amount

When setting up a new policy, it’s easy to get confused and insure the home for too much money. New home owners often make the mistake of insuring the home for the purchase price, which includes the cost of the land. Homes should only be insured for the cost to rebuild the structure.

Old Structures

It’s not uncommon to purchase property, especially in a rural area, that has old unstable structures on it. If you have no future plans for these, you should consider removing them. Insurance companies view these as risks and charge you more for liability coverage, which increases your premium.

Limiting Claims

Evaluate damage to a home carefully before choosing to file a claim. Filing claims increases your risks with insurers and usually increases premium costs.

Reviewing Home Inventory

Review your home inventory for personal property periodically to make sure you’re not paying for insurance on items you no longer own.

Comparing homeowner quotes, buying a smaller home, paying bills early and limiting claims are just a few of the smart things you can do to get cheap homeowner insurance in Texas.

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What You Need to Receive Homeowners Insurance Texas Quotes

It probably comes as no surprise that insurance coverages and premiums vary by company. Of course, this includes homeowners’ policies. The best way to know whether you are buying the right policy for you house is to understand what is involved with receiving homeowners insurance Texas quotes. With this information, you can compare policies that cover the exterior and interior of your home.

This part of the process might seem cumbersome. However, failing to take the time upfront to securing the right coverages and policy limits makes it harder to recover. The reality of no coverage, or inadequate coverage, deepens the pain after a loss.

Determining Your Homeowner’s Insurance Needs

Whether you begin this process alone or with the assistance of an insurance agent, you first want to complete a home inventory. This requires documenting the types of personal property throughout your home and including the value of each item.

Generally, this list is used to select the coverage and limits that protects your property. Documenting unique features and construction quality of your home also helps to determine how much and what type of homeowners insurance Texas quotes closely match your needs.

To start the inventory, describe each item on the list. The description should include where the item was purchased and the make and model, if applicable. Attach any purchase contracts, sales receipts and appraisals.

Count the number of clothing items you own, separating by categories: i.e. coats, shoes and pants. Record the serial numbers of electronic equipment and major appliances. Remember that big ticket items might have increased in value since you began owning them and might need to be insured separately.

In addition to having a thorough list, take pictures of individual items and rooms. Make a note of what each picture represents. Walk through your home while videotaping and describing the contents.

Information the Insurance Company Uses to Provide Quotes

You also want to familiarize yourself with information insurance companies look for to provide homeowners insurance Texas quotes. Each company uses their own set of requirements before they issue a quotation. Important to insurance companies is the five-year loss history. However, there are some distinct similarities in details for you to gather prior to contacting the insurance companies.

Try to gather as much detail of the following:

  • Home address
  • Year built
  • Total square footage, including basement if applicable
  • Exterior construction such as wood, vinyl, brick, stucco, aluminum siding
  • Roof type such as metal, asphalt, rubber shingle, built-up flat
  • Age of roof, heating and cooling system, water heater, electrical
  • Style of home, i.e. split level, two-story or ranch
  • Garage stalls and whether it is attached or detached
  • Nearest fire hydrant

Be prepared to also answer questions about the alarm system, if you have one. This includes the number of smoke alarms and whether they are hard-wired or battery operated. Insurance companies may also ask if you have a battery or hardwired carbon monoxide detector, or whether you have a sprinkler system.

Beyond the following list, be prepared to provide additional information as requested. Doing so not only gives the insurer complete information to provide a fair quote, but it also can offer more insight into how the insurance company is prepared to cover your house and possessions.

Optional Homeowners Insurance Coverages to Consider

Your home inventory list is also helpful when considering homeowners insurance Texas quotes for optional coverages. By visiting the homeowners insurance form, you can get more information on how to review unique exposures that are not part of a standard policy.

As a preview, here are some common coverage endorsements to consider:

  • Collectibles: coins, stamps, baseball cards
  • Natural disasters such as an earthquake or flood
  • Antiques and fine art
  • Damage from a sewer backup
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Comparing Homeowners Insurance

When you shop for a home insurance policy, it is likely you’ll keep that policy for the long haul. Most homeowners who purchase insurance don’t shop for better rates again until they are getting ready to buy another property. In addition, the state of Texas can have higher insurance rates than other states. This means it is important to get yourself the best rate the first time around, so you’ll need to be smart about comparing quotes.

New Policies

If you’re shopping for a new policy on a home you’re purchasing, a Texas homeowners insurance comparison will be useful. However, you cannot always expect an insurance company’s first answer to be the best they can offer, and you should also be careful to compare more than just the rate they quote you. The following tips can help you weigh quotes from multiple companies.

Speak to Several Agents

Speaking to an insurance agent over the phone is quick and helpful. It only takes a few minutes to give agents the basic information they need to give you a starting quote. Ask them to email you the quote that they give you over the phone, so you have it in writing from the agent, which will make it easier when you start the process of comparing. Make sure you don’t settle for the first quote that seems like a good deal.

Expect Changes

An initial insurance quote is not set in stone. A lot of factors can affect the rates you’re given in a Texas homeowners insurance comparison. This is because a company will ask for basic information from you to give you an initial quote, and it will ask for additional information once you’re ready to commit. Try to get a quote that has as much of your personal and house-specific information built into it as possible, so you can make the most informed decision.

Compare Value

It’s often tempting when shopping for insurance to look only at the cost, but this is the wrong mindset. Homeowners should purchase insurance based on the policy’s value. A good policy will be affordable but still have the coverage you need.

Oftentimes, you can raise coverage limits but still keep your rates low if you play around with the deductible or make adjustments to other parts of the policy. Things like improving your credit, installing an alarm system or getting coverage for your automobile and qualifying for a bundling discount can all lower your quote. Be leery of any company that gives you a substantially lower quote than other companies; there may be an issue with the policy’s value in some key area.

Switching Policies

A Texas homeowners insurance comparison is not just for new home purchasers. Chances are high that if you shop around when your policy comes up for renewal, you can find a better rate. Even though the automatic renewal that most homeowners have built into their mortgages makes it easy to assume you’re still getting a good deal, this isn’t always the case.

Comparison Shop

Consumers who compare rates every year often find that they can save money if they switch policies. One great way to compare different companies and their policies is to use our comparison tool. This online tool can help get you the information you need to make a wise financial decision.

Whether you’re buying a new policy on your newly-purchased home or looking around for the the best deal, remember to assess each policy for value rather than cost and to get as much information from the company as you can before you make a commitment. Putting in a little extra work can definitely pay off!

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Can I Get an Eco-Friendly Discount on Houston Homeowners Insurance?

Green energy is becoming a very popular way to trim your electrical bill. Are there any eco-friendly discounts, I can get on my Houston homeowners insurance? Read on to find out how you can save Mother Earth and save a little cash.

Green Home Efficiency

Students with good grades can receive automobile insurance discounts. After a “safe driving” course, you can also qualify for a reduction on car insurance. Insurance firms reward you for being responsible.

Sustainable living might also earn you a discount on your Houston homeowners insurance – find out what is available. Those who care for Mother Earth, are more likely to have a safer home. Here are some of the fixtures that might qualify for sustainable home insurance discounts:

  1. Energy
  2. Faucets
  3. Windows
  4. Security
  5. Furnaces
  6. Lighting
  7. Insulation
  8. Water heaters
  9. Air conditioners
  10. Replacement

Non-drip faucets are less likely to cause floods. Double-paned windows and better insulation can reduce your heating bill. Some old World War II era homes actually used newspaper for insulation. This can be a fire danger when electrical wires overheat. More efficient appliances are less likely to suffer from mechanical breakdowns.

Modern wireless and wired networks can create a remote-controlled Home Security System. You can view your home from work with cameras and use speakers to scare potential burglars. A good Houston homeowners insurance firm offers discounts for these features.

2008 Ceres Report Findings

Environmental advocacy group, Ceres found in a 2008 report that there was a statistical correlation between green homes and lowered risk. This could be due to higher quality appliances or the homeowners’ conscious focus on home risk management solutions. Insurers are offering discounts for green appliances, non-toxic carpeting and energy-efficient HVAC. Well-maintained, cooler-running appliances are less likely to catch on fire.

On April 23, 2009, Jilian Mincer and Shelly Banjo of the Wall Street Journal reported that “almost two dozen insurers offer premium credits and discounts for owners of “green” commercial and residential buildings, according to Ceres. In the U.S., that typically means buildings with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) or Energy Star certifications.”

What is the Difference Between Energy Star and LEED?

Basically, Energy Star is a government program under the auspices of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It creates the standards for energy-efficient products. LEED is a non-profit organization that concentrates more on encouraging the building of energy-efficient structures.

Blue Energy Star Symbol

In 1992, the EPA created the Energy Star system as a voluntary way for businesses to identify, promote and advance energy-efficient products. The blue Energy Star label can be found on quite a number of appliances, including air conditioners and heaters. It is estimated that more than 1.5 million American homes have earned the Energy Star label.

When Houston homeowners compare the increased energy savings that are attributable to Energy Star products, they cannot really argue with the science. A new home can add these higher-rated appliances to create a tighter, sealed environment and improve comfort due to superior temperature regulation. Your HVAC will be more efficient and might not run as frequently.

New houses can control their energy costs, by adding renewable wind, biomass or solar power. Simply add smart home technology and create the ideal atmosphere 24/7/365. Older Houston homes would benefit tremendously by upgrading to more energy-efficient appliances.

Houston homeowners insurance policies might offer a number of ways to benefit from Energy Star efficiency. By installing Energy Star appliances, you might receive up to a 5% discount. After an accident, you could upgrade your bathroom, kitchen or living room with superior Energy-Star appliances (usually your premium will be about $20 to $30 or higher).

LEED Certification

In 1993, the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) created the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design rating system. The system has four levels of energy-efficient buildings – Certified, Silver, Gold or Platinum. LEED attempts to influence professionals in the building industry – architects, builders and carpenters – to create green standards for design, construction, operations, maintenance and repair.

An environmentally-conscious home uses renewal, earth-friendly materials and building methods. A LEED-certified home might receive as much as a 10% discount on yearly insurance premiums. Houston insurance companies might reimburse you for installing non-toxic carpets, upgrading after a loss or for recycling costs associated with LEED certification.

Eco-Friendly Discounts

You must replace your home appliances eventually, why not upgrade to more energy-efficient models, at the same time? You might as well gain an insurance credit for doing so. You might want to ask Houston homeowners insurance firms on the web if they offer energy-efficient discounts or rebates.

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How Long do you have before Making Home Insurance Claim?

Is there a “statute of limitations” in the homeowners insurance industry for filing claims? While this might seem like an important question to ask, some people tend to ignore it. When you check homeowners insurance Texas quotes, you might want to raise this important question. Here is a short answer.

Texas Legislature Debates Insurance Changes

During the 2015-16 session, Texas lawmakers were debating ways to deal with a higher number of home insurance claims issued after 2012 hail storm damage in Hidalgo County. The average rate for hail claims is usually less than 2%, but the Hidalgo hail claims were about 30%. Some lawmakers argued that Texas insurance laws must be changed.

Texas Senate Bill 1628 suggested that there should be a two-year time frame during which homeowners can file claims, homeowners should notify insurance companies before filing claims and unwanted public insurance adjuster solicitation should be prohibited. Some of these suggestions did not receive a lot of support. How can homeowners notify insurance firms before filing claims, when the homeowners are unsure of whether they should file a claim in the first place?

If Texas lawmakers were attempting to establish a “statute of limitations” for filing home insurance claims, this suggests that at the present time there is “no statute of limitations for filing claims” in Texas, doesn’t it? Is this a good thing or bad thing?

Numerous Types of Claims

As you search various homeowners insurance Texas quotes, you will want to read the terms and conditions carefully. What is the process for filing claims? Will this work for my family? What are my other options?

Home insurance policies cover such a wide range of damages, accidents and catastrophes, that it can be very difficult to create one overarching rule for “when a claim should be filed.” That is why the insurance industry has not bothered.

The standard Texas home insurance policy might include subsections entitled “Duties After Loss” and “Duties After Occurrence.” These are your homeowner duties after you suffer what might be considered a damage that could be reimbursed by your insurance company. How long do you have to file an insurance claim?

File Claim Promptly

As you compare various homeowners insurance Texas quotes, you might want to ask if they support telephone, email and other forms of modern mobile communication. This would make it easier for you to contact them, “After a Loss.” Some insurance policies may still require written notification by snail mail.

Many standard insurance policies might include the following words about how fast you need to respond “After Loss” – “Give prompt written notice to us of the facts relating to the claim!” In insurance parlance, prompt means immediate, timely and without delay. The wording seems fairly straightforward.

Home Damage Examples

After a hurricane, you might have a tree branch crash through your front window. Of course, you will probably call your insurance agent to notify them of the damage immediately. This seems standard practice. You can see the damage, you can comprehend the damage and you know that it is covered.

The 2012 hail storm in Hidalgo County might have been a bit more difficult to respond to. First of all, while all homeowners should check their roofs regularly, the sad reality is that many don’t. They are so busy that they simply ignore roof damage until water starts leaking in.

Homeowners might not have been at home during the hail storm. They might not have inspected their roof tops. They might not understand what damage to a roof tile looks like.

Usually, after serious storms, the local roof inspectors will be hired by the most diligent homeowners. It might be difficult to get someone to look at your own house. Thus, there might be an uncontrollable delay between the initial damage and the inspection. Even after you have your roof inspected, there might be another delay.

DIY Home Repair

No Texas homeowner is required to file an insurance claim. You could calculate how much your insurance premium might increase after a claim versus how much this repair would cost. Thus, some Hidalgo County homeowners were waiting for the roofing company estimate. Then, the homeowner must decide which is the best path to take.

Whichever path you choose, feel free to do what is best for your pocket book. Some minor damage can be fixed yourself. As you check out the form up top, for the best homeowners insurance Texas quotes, you might want to read their policy wording for “how long you have to make claims and how you must contact them.” Find the best home insurance policy for your circumstances.

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How to Get the Cheapest Home Insurance in Texas

Acquisition of insurance is a most important step in property ownership. Insurance is what covers the asset owner from financial responsibilities in case of fire, flood, and accidents. However, for most homeowners, insurance is an amenity they would not consider. The Premiums payable to insurance companies is on a constant rise. This high cost of investment has repelled some potential policy buyers. However, in as much as policyholders do not wish to pay more to get insured, they also do not hope to get into agreement with an unreliable insurer. Consequently, when choosing the cheapest home insurance in Texas, a potential policyholder must consider not only the cost of contract but also such non-monetary factors such as financial strength and customer service. Getting cheap home insurance in Texas is not as hard as it might sound. Application of basic hindsight procedures when looking for an insurance provider can guarantee one of getting most coverage at a competitive price. The following are some of the tips applied while seeking cover.

Increase your Deductibles

The deductible is the amount of cash the insurance holder must pay before the insurer is liable to compensate for any damages. Most insurance providers offer lower premiums to policyholders with higher amounts of deductibles. Policyholders must aim to keep their deductibles as high as their personal budgets can accommodate. This will considerably reduce the premiums payable. Furthermore, disaster prone areas are more likely to receive multiple deductibles for specific calamities.

Maintain a Good Credit Score

Maintaining a good credit score is a major factor in determining the insurance rates. Good credit score considerably reduces the insurance premiums. Many insurance providers in Texas consider an applicant’s credit history before estimating the insurance quotes. It is recommendable to establish and maintain a good credit score before applying for insurance cover.

Reduce Claims

Submitting many claims over a short while can raise the risk index of the claimant. High-risk indexes can make the insurer charge higher premiums or even cancel the policy of the complainant. While searching for the cheapest home insurance in Texas, it is wise to limit your claims. Pay much consideration to any possible claims and their future effects on your risk index.

Increase Home Security

The more protected a home is from theft, fire, and other calamities, the lesser amounts of insurance rates charged. Secure homes save the owner up to 20 percent off the standard premiums payable. Installing systems that offer off-site monitoring, smoke detectors, sprinklers, and automatic fire notification can reduce the rates significantly. Not only will these systems keep the home safe and secure, but also save the applicant more money.

Use Multi-Policies

Chances of having one policyholder filing more than one claim at the same time are quite minimal. Therefore, the more policies a person holds with the same insurer, the less risk they pose. Using the same insurance provider to offer multiple covers will enable the policyholder to earn across the board discounts. Before deciding on an insurer, inquire if they offer bundled policies at a lower price than their current rates.

Compare Different Quotes

Comparing the different insurance providers can save one a lot of resources. It is best to understand that different companies offer varying insurance rates. After establishing the cheapest home insurance rates offered, it is prudent to consider the different companies’ financial strength and customer care. These comparisons will help provide a general view of how each organization reacts when asked to settle claims.

Observing the aforementioned tips can help a potential policyholder to get the most coverage at the lowest market prices. Besides the above principles, client reviews for different companies might be very helpful.

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