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Nationwide Insurance Company

Accidents happen in people’s homes and automobiles in Texas all the time. Without the right insurance company by their side, those accidents can be devastating financially and leave people unable to get the quality care and support they need. For decades Nationwide insurance has been providing home and automobile owners with the comprehensive, affordable coverage they need. In fact, 95% of their customers say they would recommend Nationwide to their family and friends because of the quality service they receive.

Since it’s founding in 1926, Nationwide has been providing the highest quality auto and homeowners insurance coverage. The company started in Columbus, Ohio as the Farm Bureau Auto Insurance Company and has steadily grown to become one of the largest and most respected insurance companies in the world. While they now provide comprehensive home and automobile insurance to millions of people all over the planet, they have never forgotten their Ohio roots. As the company has grown, so to has their support for Columbus, Ohio. In fact the company supports all the communities where they do business through a variety of programs.

The company also offers a wide range of unique discounts to their customers. Not only do people’s good driving records earn them discounts, the company also offer discounts for good grades (B or better), having good credit, taking driver improvement and accident avoidance classes with the Department of Motor Vehicles, and remaining with the company for more than 5 years. It’s this type of special treatment along with their great rates, excellent coverage plans, and quick claims service that has the company’s popularity growing steadily.

That growth has continued into Texas where a number of people that choose Nationwide for their home and auto insurance increases every day. A home and an automobile are two of the largest investments the average person makes. Knowing they have a company by their side should any type of damage be done to their biggest investments provides peace of mind for their customers. The world isn’t as frightening a place when they know Nationwide is on their side.

Affordability is another reason the company is so popular. Many companies charge exorbitant prices for home and auto insurance coverage in Texas. This can prevent many people from being able to afford the insurance coverage they need. Nationwide’s home and auto insurance coverage is reasonably priced and can fit into almost anyone’s budget. This can make all the difference in the world for people that are living on a limited budget and are trying to get adequate coverage.

The quality and comprehensiveness of the coverage the company offers is another reason people choose them. It is important to know that no matter what happens to your home or automobile it is covered by your insurance. That lowers the level of stress the average person has to deal with every day. Traffic is hectic in many parts of Texas and there are issues like bad weather, crime, and vandalism. Having high-quality, comprehensive insurance is crucial. That is why many people all over Texas choose this company when they want the best insurance coverage possible.

Nationwide offers a wide range of coverages. This enables clients to customize their home or automobile insurance to suit their specific needs and fit into their budget. Plus as your needs change so can your coverage. A basic home insurance policy covers you, your loved-ones, and your belongings. However, homeowners can expand their coverage to include Better Roof Replacement, Brand New Belongs, Valuables Plus, Replacement Cost Plus, Medical Payments To Others, Ordinance or Law Insurance, Earthquake Coverage, Flood Insurance, and much more.

The company also offers Dwelling coverage which replaces not only the structure, but wall-to-wall carpeting, and built-in appliances. Another of the company’s innovative coverages includes Water Backup of Sewer which broadens the coverage of the items damaged due to drain and sewers backups. They also offer Other Structures Coverage. This extends coverage to structures on your property like garages and gazebos that are detached from your house. Their optional Medical Payments to Others can help cover medical or funeral costs of anyone injured while on your property.

When people get their home or auto insurance from Nationwide, they have the opportunity to participate in the Plenti rewards program. That program awards points for purchases people make and allows them to use those points to pay for a range of products and services. It lets people earn Plenti points at one place and use them at another, all with a single rewards card. All they have to do to earn points is to make their home or auto insurance payments. It’s that simple. Go online or ask an insurance agent for more details.

They also offers great rates and excellent coverage on automobiles all over Texas. People can call an agent or go online to get price quotes. This will allow them to see how much money they can save while providing them with the excellent auto coverage they need. Having them as your auto insurance company provides you with a wide range of valuable benefits. They include programs like Vanishing Deductibles where your deductible is lowered $100 every year you don’t have an accident. Their On Your Side Claim Service gets your car repaired quickly and guarantees the repairs for the life of your vehicle.

People that get their automobiles insured by Nationwide also qualify for Multi-Policy, Accident-Free, Defensive Driving, and Easy Pay sign-up discounts along with other excellent programs. Their Affinity car insurance discounts saves people money on their automobile coverage if they belong to one of Nationwide’s partner organizations or businesses. The company give their customers a variety of discounts while providing some of the most comprehensive automobile insurance coverage in the industry.

The backbone of the company is their licensed, dedicated agents and claims specialists. These agents make people aware of the wide range of home and auto insurance policies from which they can choose and are an integral part of the superior claim service process. They provide people all over Texas access to some of the world’s best home and auto insurance coverage.

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