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Infinity Insurance: Affordable and Comprehensive Home and Auto Policies

Most consumers are relatively forthright in their desire to only have to deal with one insurance company — and who can blame them? Most insurance companies pretend to care about their customers but simply pursue strategies that allow them to maximize their bottom line profits. Infinity Insurance, a compassionate insurance company that operates in over 40 states in the U.S., has both the wide range and insurance products and friendly person-to-person customer service that you need. Infinity offers vehicle, property, homeowners and business insurance, as well as more specialized services like life insurance, health insurance and umbrella insurance.

A Brief History

Infinity Property and Casualty Corporation was founded in Alabama in 1955, but back then the company name was Dixie Insurance Group. Over the years, business machinations and corporate takeovers have led to Infinity shuffling through a number of names and locales. At various times, it has been affiliated with the Pennsylvania Company, American Premier Underwriters and the American Financial Group, but throughout that time Infinity has never lost sight of its original business model: treat customers with respect and strive to give them the best possible insurance policy for their situation.

A Respected Company

Infinity has been traded publicly for over 10 years, and if there is one thing that its shareholders, our customers, and credit rating agencies can agree on, it’s that the company can be relied on in every sense. A.M. Best, a financial rating company that measures the effectiveness and longevity of insurance companies, has given Infinity an “A” in terms of financial stability for several years running. Residential and business customers will be thrilled to know that the company does not plan to change anything that got it to this point — especially its unbeatable policies!

Homeowners and Property Insurance

Infinity Insurance’s signature policy is likely its homeowners insurance package. This multifaceted package provides homeowners with in-depth damage and liability insurance to protect against life’s unexpected events. Whether a storm directs a tree branch into your bay window, an electrical fire rips through your basement or a few crooks sneak off with Grandma’s baubles under cover of darkness, Infinity will be there with a helping hand and an even more helpful check. The company’s representatives are not inclined to disbelieve your story, like people who work at other insurance firms; they will work side by side with you to make sure that your policy’s promises are upheld.

Driver’s Insurance

Infinity also offers a wide variety of vehicle insurance packages, including those for automobiles, trucks, RVs and motorcycles. Their Premier policy and their Value-Added policy rank highly in terms of customer satisfaction and overall savings, but you don’t have to be a gold star client to be satisfied with your plan at Infinity. Their Low-Cost policy covers the basic requirements for driving on national roads, and even lower costs can be achieved with the addition of a good student discount or a good driver streak discount. For the faint of heart or the extra-cautious, Infinity maintains a Driver Club program that offers 24/7 access to assistance wherever you are on the road.

An Insurance Company for the 21st Century

Infinity has a streamlined and powerful online website and customer interface that is designed to take the hassle out of shopping for insurance. Potential clients can receive a free quote online, or even chat with a sales associate at any time. The website also allows for the online purchase of insurance, so that you can feel comfortable and secure in your coverage without even having to leave your house!

Honesty and Reliability in Customer Care

Infinity Insurance is a company that cares about saving you time and effort, which is why the claims center section of its website is easy to understand and navigate. Negotiating a claim is never a great experience, so Infinity does everything it can to smooth out the road ahead of you, from compiling a list of repair shops to contacting businesses around you that can help with your situation. The mission of a good insurance company is to help those in need, and Infinity strives to achieve that worthy goal with every client that it registers. Give Infinity a call or send a email today — your assets and property are too important to your life to let a little thing like bad luck win the day.

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