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How Long do you have before Making Home Insurance Claim?

Is there a “statute of limitations” in the homeowners insurance industry for filing claims? While this might seem like an important question to ask, some people tend to ignore it. When you check homeowners insurance Texas quotes, you might want to raise this important question. Here is a short answer.

Texas Legislature Debates Insurance Changes

During the 2015-16 session, Texas lawmakers were debating ways to deal with a higher number of home insurance claims issued after 2012 hail storm damage in Hidalgo County. The average rate for hail claims is usually less than 2%, but the Hidalgo hail claims were about 30%. Some lawmakers argued that Texas insurance laws must be changed.

Texas Senate Bill 1628 suggested that there should be a two-year time frame during which homeowners can file claims, homeowners should notify insurance companies before filing claims and unwanted public insurance adjuster solicitation should be prohibited. Some of these suggestions did not receive a lot of support. How can homeowners notify insurance firms before filing claims, when the homeowners are unsure of whether they should file a claim in the first place?

If Texas lawmakers were attempting to establish a “statute of limitations” for filing home insurance claims, this suggests that at the present time there is “no statute of limitations for filing claims” in Texas, doesn’t it? Is this a good thing or bad thing?

Numerous Types of Claims

As you search various homeowners insurance Texas quotes, you will want to read the terms and conditions carefully. What is the process for filing claims? Will this work for my family? What are my other options?

Home insurance policies cover such a wide range of damages, accidents and catastrophes, that it can be very difficult to create one overarching rule for “when a claim should be filed.” That is why the insurance industry has not bothered.

The standard Texas home insurance policy might include subsections entitled “Duties After Loss” and “Duties After Occurrence.” These are your homeowner duties after you suffer what might be considered a damage that could be reimbursed by your insurance company. How long do you have to file an insurance claim?

File Claim Promptly

As you compare various homeowners insurance Texas quotes, you might want to ask if they support telephone, email and other forms of modern mobile communication. This would make it easier for you to contact them, “After a Loss.” Some insurance policies may still require written notification by snail mail.

Many standard insurance policies might include the following words about how fast you need to respond “After Loss” – “Give prompt written notice to us of the facts relating to the claim!” In insurance parlance, prompt means immediate, timely and without delay. The wording seems fairly straightforward.

Home Damage Examples

After a hurricane, you might have a tree branch crash through your front window. Of course, you will probably call your insurance agent to notify them of the damage immediately. This seems standard practice. You can see the damage, you can comprehend the damage and you know that it is covered.

The 2012 hail storm in Hidalgo County might have been a bit more difficult to respond to. First of all, while all homeowners should check their roofs regularly, the sad reality is that many don’t. They are so busy that they simply ignore roof damage until water starts leaking in.

Homeowners might not have been at home during the hail storm. They might not have inspected their roof tops. They might not understand what damage to a roof tile looks like.

Usually, after serious storms, the local roof inspectors will be hired by the most diligent homeowners. It might be difficult to get someone to look at your own house. Thus, there might be an uncontrollable delay between the initial damage and the inspection. Even after you have your roof inspected, there might be another delay.

DIY Home Repair

No Texas homeowner is required to file an insurance claim. You could calculate how much your insurance premium might increase after a claim versus how much this repair would cost. Thus, some Hidalgo County homeowners were waiting for the roofing company estimate. Then, the homeowner must decide which is the best path to take.

Whichever path you choose, feel free to do what is best for your pocket book. Some minor damage can be fixed yourself. As you check out the form up top, for the best homeowners insurance Texas quotes, you might want to read their policy wording for “how long you have to make claims and how you must contact them.” Find the best home insurance policy for your circumstances.

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