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How to Reduce Houston Home Insurance Claims

Two of the most common claims filed on homeowners insurance are for fire and theft. In both cases, these situations may be preventable if homeowners would take precautions. Using a little common sense, investing a few dollars in fire alarms and installing new locks may be enough to prevent damage from a fire or persuade a burglar to go to another house. Besides protecting your property and life, you may qualify for discounts on your Houston home insurance.

Improving Security and Fire Safety should be a Top Priority

For most of us, our homes are one of the most precious things we’ll ever own. Therefore, it just makes sense to take some extra precautions to prevent careless fires and improve security using some of these suggestions.

Home Security Tips to Reduce Losses

Going on Vacation

Burglars watch activities around homes to determine regular routines or if the homeowners have taken off for vacation. To prevent burglaries, ask a friend or a neighbor to house sit or stop by every couple of days.

Get someone to pick up the newspapers and mail. Make arrangements to have a friend park a car in your driveway, and put out the garbage on collection day. Using timers to turn lights on and off is relatively cheap compared to paying the deductible on your Houston home insurance policy when filing a claim.

Hired Help

Whether you’re working with a contractor on a new addition to your house or interviewing chauffeurs, maids or hiring a pool service, be careful about your selection. Some people working in home service industries use their talents to case homes.

Securing Doors / Windows

The easiest homes to break into are those with flimsy locks and doors. At the very least, consider replacing old locks with new deadbolts, especially if you’ve just purchased a used home. Adding window locks makes it just a bit tougher for burglars to gain access to your house.

Although it’s tempting, don’t hide a spare key under a flower pot, floor mat or rock next to the front door. Professional thieves know where to look, and you’re just making it easier for them.

Alarm Systems / Security Cameras

Obviously, everyone can’t afford security cameras or alarm systems, but they have come down quite a bit due to competition. It might be worth a few phone calls to check on the going rates for alarms with monitoring systems. Most insurance providers offer a good discount on security systems for Houston home insurance policies.

Safeguarding Your House From Fires

Although it may be impossible to stop a wildfire near your home, there are a number of things you can do where fire safety is concerned in the home.

Preventing Fires

  • Make sure friends, visitors and children using the stove and oven understand how they work to prevent accidental fires.
  • Leave ample space between outdoor barbecue grills and the side of the home.
  • Don’t leave candles, matches, lighters or any type of flammable liquids lying about the house where a curious child might decide to play with them.

Alarms and Extinguishers

Smoke alarms do save lives. Make sure every level of your house is equipped with working smoke alarms to give you a warning signal.

Every home should have a least two extinguishers for putting out small fires. They are relatively inexpensive, and you might get a discount on your Houston home insurance policy.

Be sure your children understand how to use a fire extinguisher and what to do in a real home emergency.

Qualifying for a discount on fire safety or security features not only saves you money on Houston home insurance, but it also means you’ve taken a positive approach to protecting your family and home.

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