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The Challenge of Finding the Best Auto Insurance in Texas for Teenagers

Like all other states, the State of Texas has a mandatory liability insurance requirement for any person operating a motor vehicle in the state. While finding the best auto insurance in Texas can be relatively easy for the average adult; however, finding the coverage can be quite a challenge.


As a general rule, most insurance companies charge considerably more for insurance for drivers under the age of 25; however, by using the search tools at, parents of teenagers will be able to search for the best auto insurance in Texas.


The Cause of Auto Insurance Rates for Teens

There are a number of factors that the actuaries at insurance companies must consider. This is because they need to set the premium rates for young drivers in Texas. Following, are key elements of driving that contribute to the high rate that teens must pay in order to be insured. Therefore minimizing the options for finding insurance for young drivers.


General Lack of SkillĀ 

Due to the lack of skill and the lack of experience in numerous driving situations, teens are at a significant disadvantage on the road. Simply, based on the fact that they have not been behind the wheel long enough to develop and hone their driving skills and reflexes. They are more likely to respond inappropriately in certain situations, leading to accidents. The lack of experience and skills is one of the most prevalent influences on the difficulty of securing coverage for teens.


More Prone to Becoming Distracted

Teens have proven that they are more easily distracted by things that may be going on around them. A number of recent studies have revealed that distracted driving has become a significant issue among younger drives. This is especially true when it comes to texting and talking on cell phones. And, recent statistics have revealed that engaging a phone while driving can prove to be deadly.


Since 2010, drivers between the ages of 15 to 19-years-old have died as a result of being distracted. This increase remains in the double digits.


The Proclivity to Take Unnecessary Risks

One issue that limits that ability to find the best auto insurance in Texas for teenagers are more adventurous. This makes them more likely to take unnecessary risks. For example traveling at a high rate of speed or erratic driving, such as frequent and rapid lane changes. When handling a 3,000-pound vehicle, taking risks can quickly result in a catastrophe. According to numbers produced by the Texas Department of Public Safety, 35 percent of 16 to 19-year-old drivers are involved in an injury or fatal crash due to driving at an unsafe speed.


The statistics also reveal that teens are likely to travel too close to other vehicles, which leads to a higher accident rate. It is this high accident rate that makes it much tougher to find coverage for individuals under the age of 25.


The Best Auto Insurance in Texas

It is the aforementioned risks and others that contribute to the high cost of auto insurance for teens in Texas; however, offers some unique tools that will allow consumers in the state of Texas to effectively search for the best auto coverage for teens. There are numerous insurance companies that offer coverage; however, the problem is that it can be immensely challenging to find these companies through basic searches. Additionally, many of the companies may have special rates available. These rates may not be listed on their site or other search sites, so it is imperative to find a search mechanism that can provide a platform that allows consumers to conduct a detailed search for insurance for teens.


In addition to having the capacity to search for the best rates. It is a good idea to enroll teens in defensive driving courses that many insurance companies will give credit for. Although it is difficult to find the best auto insurance in Texas, it is definitely not impossible.

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