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The Importance of Renters Insurance in Texas

In 2014, the average cost of cheap renters insurance Texas was $224 a year, compared to the national average of $184. While this may seem like an unnecessary expense, there’s a good reason Texas has the highest insurance rates in the United States. Despite being a great place to live, the state often suffers from a wide variety of severe weather, including hail storms, tornadoes, high winds, and wildfires caused by drought. Any one of these natural disasters can lead to significant damages for renters and homeowners alike.

Natural disaster is not the only reason to consider renters insurance in Texas, however; this type of insurance policy can also protect you against theft, liability, loss of use, and more.

Renters Insurance in Texas is Often Required

Depending on where you rent, you may be required to carry a renters insurance policy. Most major property management companies in Texas require you have renters insurance to rent an apartment. This is because an insurance policy will give the landlord assurance that the property will be repaired if you cause damage or if you’re negligent. It’s all about liability, as landlords want to ensure that if a tenant causes damage or someone gets hurt in the property, it won’t be the landlord’s responsibility. Renters insurance in Texas is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to shift this liability onto the tenant. Many leases will also have a clause that negate your landlord’s liability for incidents like theft or an injury to a guest visiting your home.

Landlords have the right to require renters insurance in Texas, so it’s important to read your lease carefully. A landlord can not only require renters insurance but also specify a minimum amount of coverage for personal property and liability if they wish.

Renters Insurance in Texas Protects Against Theft

If your home or apartment is burglarized, your landlord will not be responsible for anything that is stolen, as long as they were not legally responsible for the break-in due to inadequate security on the property. Renters insurance in Texas offers protection for your stolen belongings as long as they are listed on your police and within your coverage limits. If you have valuables that aren’t covered by a standard policy, you can purchase additional coverage.

Protect Yourself Against Natural Disaster

Texas and Oklahoma lead the nation in the costliest natural disasters. In 2013, natural disaster-related insurance claims payouts hit $1.51 billion in Texas. If you are renting an apartment, do not assume your personal property is protected by your landlord’s insurance. Renters insurance in Texas is especially important given the damage a tornado, fire, or hail can do to your property and vehicle.

Renters insurance in Texas will protect you against most forms of natural disaster, but be aware that some coverage options are add-on coverage. This usually includes hurricanes and floods. It can be tricky to find renters insurance in Texas that covers wind damage. If you live in a coastal area of Texas, make sure you understand what types of disasters are excluded.

Renters Insurance in Texas Covers Liability

While you may think you won’t need it, accidents happen every day. If someone slips and falls, gets bitten by your dog, or gets hurt in your apartment, you may be liable for medical bills and other costs if they pursue you for negligence. Renters insurance in Texas can protect you by covering medical expenses and damages, and even assist with your defense.

Insurance Can Cover Damage to the Property

Even if you are very responsible and take care of your rental property, you may be on the hook for damages if you accidentally break a window and rain damages furniture, or if a backed-up toilet floods the bathroom. Renters insurance in Texas can help cover the costs of repairing and replacing belongings.

You may also choose additional coverage options to further protect you, including sewage drain damage if the sewer backs up and values your belongings. You can even be protected against the loss of use of your apartment if it’s damaged beyond repair. In this case, renters insurance in Texas can cover the cost of a hotel, meals, and living expenses you incur up to your coverage amount.

Texas has the third highest rate of renting households in the country. Unfortunately, only 37% have renters insurance in Texas. If you cannot afford to replace everything you own, it’s important to look into buying a policy that protects you against risk. While renters insurance in Texas is among the highest in the United States, it’s still just $19 per month on average, which is a small price to pay for peace of mind.

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