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Boat Insurance in Texas: is it Necessary?

Boat insurance in Texas is absolutely necessary no matter where the boat is. Your boat may not sit on the water all year, but your must carry insurance for the boat in case of an emergency. Read ahead to learn what boat insurance in Texas will do for you if you are a fisherman, recreational boat user or the owner of small watercraft. Each vehicle must have its own insurance policy, and you are responsible for keeping the insurance current.

It is the Law

You are bound by law in the state of Texas to have insurance for every watercraft you own. Your boat or jet ski must have an insurance policy that will provide for you in the event of a crash or loss. Boat insurance in Texas comes from the same agents who write your auto and home policies, but the policies must be specific to each craft. Coverage for your craft cannot exceed the craft’s value, and you must ask your insurance agent to advise you on the type of policy that is needed for each vehicle.

Your Watercraft are Valuable

You have likely taken out loans to pay for a boat or jet ski, but you cannot use your own money to pay for replacements. The loan value is so high that you must have coverage for the craft in the event of a loss. Boat insurance in Texas will pay for your watercraft no matter what happens to them, and you will lose a large amount of money after an accident or crash.

What Coverage should you Get?

Boat insurance in Texas comes as a collision or comprehensive policy for each vehicle. You must weigh the value of the boat against the cost of a policy to protect the boat. An old boat that has little value should be covered by a collision policy that costs very little to carry. A collision policy will pay for damage to the boat, but the policy covers little else regarding the boat.

A comprehensive policy will cover loss of personal property, personal injury and replacement of the craft. Boat insurance in Texas that covers all aspects of the boat is a wise purchase for anyone on a small craft. You could be injured on a jet ski or fishing boat, and you keep personal belongings on the boat that could be lost if the boat sinks at any time.

Coverage on the Road

Your boat must be transported from your home to the water on a trailer, and the boat could be involved in an accident on its way to the water. You must keep your coverage current at all times to repair the boat after an accident. Boats that are rarely used must have coverage in the event of an accident, and you will be cited by the police for not having current insurance coverage.

Coverage at Home

Boat insurance in Texas covers your boat when it is out of the water on your property. Your boat may sit outside your home for several months during the year, and you must keep your boat insurance in Texas active. Storms could wipe out your boat in a single night, and the damage to the boat will not be covered if you have allowed your coverage to lapse. The boat could be fling by a tornado into another home, and the insurance policy will help pay for the damage. A neighbor who has part of their home destroyed by your boat could sue you for damages if you are not covered.

Local Agent Service for Boat Insurance in Texas

You must purchase boat insurance in Texas from a local agent who will write your policy specific to your watercraft. Each boat you own must have its own policy, and you must value each watercraft for the policy. You cannot get boat insurance in Texas for a value higher than that of the boat, and your values must be accurate in case of a total loss.

Boat Insurance in Texas Special Perks

The boat insurance in Texas you purchase may come with special perks that will help you take care of your boat. There are boat repair service centers you may take your boat to after an accident, and there are special salvage services that will raise a sunken boat. Boat insurance in Texas makes life much easier for you when have coverage. Your boat can be replaced at any time, and you will have peace of mind knowing you can claim everything that was on the boat.

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